We tell you how much your agency is worth to buyers in today's market.

Step 1

Listing Agreement

You sign a listing agreement that allows us to advise you on selling your agency.

Step 2

Gather Materials

We'll need more information to take your agency to market, mostly relating to historical financials, clients, and employees.

Step 3

Marketing Materials

We put together amazing marketing materials that give buyers all of the important details about your agency.

Step 4

Buyer Outreach

This is the part where we tap into our vast network of buyer relationships and identify high potential buyer targets. We have deep-seated relationships
with strategic, financial, and entrepreneurial buyers, giving our team a head start on narrowing down the right buyer for your agency.

Step 5

Buyer NDAs

All buyers sign a non-disclosure agreement before learning anything about your agency.

Step 6

Buyer Vetting

We make sure interested buyers are a good fit for you from a financial and cultural standpoint.

Step 7

Buyer Meetings

You meet interested buyers over Zoom or in person! This stage is just as much about you interviewing buyers as it is about them interviewing you.

Step 8

Offers Submitted

This is the fun part! It's time to get offers and make things happen. In most cases, there are several interested parties that submit offers, and we'll help you evaluate each one to ensure you're making the right decision.

Step 9

Offer Negotiations

We negotiate the price and terms of an offer on your behalf so that it is engineered to achieve all of your objectives.

Step 10

LOI Signed

The Letter of Intent is a non-binding document that aligns all parties on the terms of the deal. It also sends the transaction into the due diligence phase.

Step 11

Due Diligence

This is the buyer's opportunity to dig a little deeper into your business, confirming all information presented up to this point is accurate.

Step 12

Legal Doc Review

The buyer provides necessary purchase documents that solidify the transaction. We work with your legal team to review and protect your post-transaction interests.

Step 13


You've crossed the finish line! We make sure transition documents are in place and all parties are clear on post-closing responsibilities and requirements.