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At Merge, we help buyersoff-market opportunities,founders open to acquisition, and make sure they fully understand the current market with curated

Our process is fast,friendly, and simple

Leveraging our extensive database, collaborative technology, and personalized outreach strategies, our team is fully equipped to guide you through a successful transaction.

We like to representbuyers that have:

Clear Criteria

to optimize the quality of results


through cash on hand or available through financial partners

Successful Operations

of three years or longer

A High-Quality Team

contributing to a positive culture

Dedicated Time

to commit to conversations

Open-Minded Approach

to explore every opportunity

Unique Advantages

for founders joining your team

An Integration Plan

for a smooth, exciting transition

Our team becomes an extension of your company

Your dedicated team of acquisition managers will operate as an extension of your company. They cultivate relationships with founders and meticulously vet opportunities, ensuring that only pre-qualified prospects are introduced.

The companies we represent usually look like this:

Other Agencies

You’re an established agency with a track record of success. Whether the business is backed by the strength of private equity or cash reserves, you are poised for growth and seeking strategic acquisitions to expand your capabilities and reach.

Private Equity

You’re a dynamic and strategic investment firm with a clear strategy of acquiring additive companies for your portfolio. With a keen eye for value creation, you seek promising companies with strong growth potential to drive operational improvements and create long-term value.


You are a passionate and driven individual seeking a new opportunity to extract value and make an impact. With your hands on approach, you’re eager to acquire a business in an effort to bring a fresh perspective and collaborate with visionaries.

We use an easy to understand pricing model

During the engagement, you pay a $7,500 monthly retainer as our team works to source deals. When your deal closes, you pay a flat fee ranging from $100,000 - $300,000 based on the total enterprise value. Seem simple? It is!

Some Merge Lovin’ 💛

The Merge team was great to work with throughout our search and acquisition process. From start to finish, they were very responsive and kept the process moving along nicely. I’ve only had positive interactions with the team to date with both our acquisition of SketchDeck and other opportunities that we have shown interest in.

Tyler Zara, SVP @ 24Seven, A Morgan Stanley Company

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the Merge team to close the transaction. From start to finish I had a personalized experience and appreciated their ability to navigate the due diligence process and manage expectations for both parties. The team was organized, communicative and proactive in keeping up momentum and pushing the deal across the finish line.

Nick Fraunfelder, Founder & Managing Partner @ AJAX

This was not the first time we transacted with a Merge-listed company, but one thing remained consistent: the Merge team takes time to understand the people behind the transaction. In addition to managing a smooth process, they focused on developing a partnership between buyer and seller – that alignment was critical to the deal.

Mathew Landon, Managing Partner @ Contour Ridge

Using Merge during our acquisition of The Boston Group was a game-changer. Their approach and experience working with agencies streamlined the process, making it significantly more efficient and effective. The insights and analytics provided by Merge enabled us to make well-informed decisions quickly while ensuring we fully understood the value and risks involved.

Matt Naffah, Partner & COO @ Isovera

Why Choose Merge - Merge M&A

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Our firm boasts a distinguished track record in effectively sourcing deals for buyers within the marketing, media, and technology sectors. Prior to engagement, we meticulously vet buyers to guarantee our capacity to execute transactions successfully. Additionally, we prioritize alignment between buyers and market standards concerning valuation expectations, funding initiatives, and cultural synergies.

Yes! You can view case studies of dozens of successfully completed transactions we have facilitated in the agency space here.

In the marketing services industry vertical, we leverage our comprehensive understanding and ongoing connections with founders to pinpoint potential acquisition targets. Our approach combines meticulous market research, detailed industry analysis, and tapping into our extensive network to ensure we uncover strategic opportunities aligned with our clients’ objectives.

Our team speaks to each target to qualify the lead before sharing.

While we have experience across various industries, our firm specializes in deal sourcing for businesses in the agency space, including but not limited to marketing, public relations, advertising and sales enablement, where we have deep expertise and insights.

Confidentiality is paramount in our deal sourcing process. We have robust protocols in place to ensure that sensitive information is protected throughout the engagement.

Our vetting process involves thorough analysis of potential targets, including financial due diligence, market positioning, and alignment with the buyer’s strategic objectives.

We approach negotiations with target companies strategically, aiming to achieve favorable terms for our clients while maintaining positive relationships with sellers.

We stay updated on market trends and opportunities through continuous research, participation in industry events, and maintaining strong relationships with key stakeholders.

Our firm differentiates itself through our personalized approach, deep industry knowledge, and commitment to delivering value to our clients.

We tailor our approach to meet the specific needs and preferences of each buyer, ensuring that our services align with their strategic objectives.

Our average timeline from searching to closing is 4-6 months.

There is no minimum purchase price, but our minimum success fee is $100K.

Yes! Check out how we can help here.

Yes, our team will provide insight as to fair market value.

We can add them to an exclusion list to ensure we don’t reach out or help facilitate.

Check out this buyer questionnaire that outlines key elements you’ll need to clarify.

Our due diligence process is comprehensive and rigorous, covering all aspects of the target company’s operations, finances, and legal standing.

We assist buyers in evaluating the strategic fit of potential acquisition targets by conducting thorough analysis and providing strategic guidance based on our expertise.

Our fee structure for deal sourcing services is transparent and competitive, and we are happy to discuss specific details with interested buyers.

We maintain open communication and collaboration with buyers throughout the deal sourcing process, providing regular updates and seeking feedback to ensure alignment.

Our approach to post-acquisition integration support includes providing strategic guidance, facilitating communication between parties, and assisting with operational transitions to ensure a smooth integration process.