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We know securing capital for acquiring an agency can be tricky.

In the agency space, businesses often lack tangible assets, boast rapid growth histories, and operate with unique team structures. This is our niche—we specialize exclusively in agency acquisitions. Leveraging our extensive network of lenders, we seamlessly facilitate funding using a blend of traditional and specialized options tailored to the specific requirements of each acquisition.

With Merge, access hundreds of financing partners who specialize in funding for agency acquisitions.

Through wide-reaching partnerships of lenders and financial institutions, we have the capability to connect buyers with the ideal financing partners to meet their specific needs and provide a myriad of options.

We like to work withbuyers that have:

Strong Credit History

financial reliability and trustworthiness

Sufficient Down Payment

commitment and investment in the acquisition process

Industry Experience

assurance of industry knowledge and managerial competency


additional security in case of default

There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to securing a business acquisition loan.

We examine each the 3Cs of each buyer - credit, cash and credentials - to determine the best funding match. Our tailored approach guarantees that every buyer receives the right financing solution for their unique circumstances.

Don’t go at this alone. Use our resources. Get inspired by our easy to understand funding guides and then let’s tackle this together.

The Ultimate Guide to SBA 7(a) Loans

Unlock the potential of SBA 7(a) loans for business acquisition with our definitive guide. From understanding eligibility to navigating the application process, we provide you with the insights needed to secure the funding to purchase your next business venture successfully.

The Future of SBA Lending: Adapting to Changing Landscapes

Explore how the evolving landscape of SBA lending is enhancing acquisition opportunities for buyers. Discover how policy shifts and technological advancements make SBA loans a more accessible funding option for your next business acquisition.

How One Buyer Acquired The Agency of His Dreams Using The SBA

Discover how a strategic approach to SBA 7(a) lending facilitated the successful acquisition of SureOak, a leading marketing agency. This case study walks you through the buyer’s journey, from navigating loan eligibility to leveraging SBA 7(a) benefits, illustrating a blueprint for securing acquisition funding in the competitive marketing industry.

Financing Your Small Business Acquisition: Options and Strategies

Dive into the diverse financing options available for small business acquisitions, from traditional loans to innovative funding solutions. Our guide outlines strategic approaches to secure the financial backing you need, highlighting the advantages and considerations of each to help you make informed decisions for a successful acquisition.

Our process is fast,friendly, and flexible.

Our team streamlines the funding process, guiding buyers seamlessly to make securing financing as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

We emphasize transparent communication.

We prioritize transparent communication and client collaboration throughout the funding process, ensuring buyers are fully informed and involved every step of the way. Our commitment to openness guarantees that clients have a clear understanding of the process and are empowered to make informed decisions.

Some Merge Lovin’ 💛

The Merge team was great to work with throughout our search and acquisition process. From start to finish, they were very responsive and kept the process moving along nicely. I’ve only had positive interactions with the team to date with both our acquisition of SketchDeck and other opportunities that we have shown interest in.

Tyler Zara, SVP @ 24Seven, A Morgan Stanley Company

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the Merge team to close the transaction. From start to finish I had a personalized experience and appreciated their ability to navigate the due diligence process and manage expectations for both parties. The team was organized, communicative and proactive in keeping up momentum and pushing the deal across the finish line.

Nick Fraunfelder, Founder & Managing Partner @ AJAX

This was not the first time we transacted with a Merge-listed company, but one thing remained consistent: the Merge team takes time to understand the people behind the transaction. In addition to managing a smooth process, they focused on developing a partnership between buyer and seller – that alignment was critical to the deal.

Mathew Landon, Managing Partner @ Contour Ridge

Using Merge during our acquisition of The Boston Group was a game-changer. Their approach and experience working with agencies streamlined the process, making it significantly more efficient and effective. The insights and analytics provided by Barney enabled us to make well-informed decisions quickly while ensuring we fully understood the value and risks involved.

Matt Naffah, Partner & COO @ Isovera




We specialize in a variety of funding options including SBA loans, conventional bank loans, and alternative financing solutions tailored to the needs of your acquisition.

Our process begins with a consultation to understand your acquisition goals. We then assess your financial situation and the business you’re acquiring, recommend the most suitable funding options, and guide you through the application and closing process.

Eligibility varies by loan type but generally includes your credit score, business experience, the financial health of the business being acquired, and your ability to provide collateral.

The timeline can vary from a few weeks to several months, depending on the type of loan and complexity of your acquisition. We work efficiently to streamline the process.

You’ll need financial statements, business plans, details about the business you’re acquiring, personal financial information, and potentially collateral documentation.

Yes, we have experience across various industries and can tailor our funding solutions to the specific challenges and opportunities of the industry you’re targeting.

Rates and terms vary, but we strive to find competitive options that fit your financial situation. SBA loans often offer favorable terms, while conventional and alternative loans vary based on market conditions.

The amount depends on several factors including the value of the business, your financial situation, and the type of loan. We work to maximize your funding potential based on your qualifications.

Credit requirements vary, but a strong credit score generally improves your loan options and terms. We can discuss strategies for those with lower scores.

Many loans do require collateral, but the specifics depend on the loan type and lender. We’ll explore both secured and unsecured options based on your assets and needs.

While we provide general guidance on potential tax implications, we recommend consulting with a tax professional for detailed advice tailored to your situation.

We will analyze the reasons for rejection, adjust our strategy, and explore alternative funding options to improve your chances of approval.

Our services cover a wide range of industries. If there are any limitations, we’ll discuss them during our initial consultation.

Our fee structure varies by service and is clearly outlined upfront. This can include consultation fees, success-based fees, or a combination.

Yes, we provide guidance on due diligence to ensure you’re making a well-informed decision about the business you plan to acquire.

We offer post-funding support including guidance on financial management, integration strategies, and planning for future growth.

Contact us to schedule an initial consultation. We’ll discuss your acquisition objectives and how we can assist you in achieving them.

Yes, we can provide references so you can hear directly about their experiences working with us.

Our deep focus on acquisition funding, personalized service, and comprehensive support throughout the acquisition process set us apart.

We conduct a thorough analysis of your financial situation, acquisition goals, and market conditions to recommend the most suitable funding options.