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We understand the unique nuances of agency valuations.

Leveraging our exclusive database of comparable transactions and our specialized valuation methodology tailored to the agency sector, our team stands ready to deliver accurate agency business valuations to buyers.

Our process is fast,
friendly, and simple

Step 1: Gathering Financial Information

Collect and analyze your agency's financial data

Step 2: Analyzing Financial Performance

Dive into your agency's historical financial performance

Step 3: Assessing Intangible Assets

Explore brand reputation & client relationships that contribute to value

Step 4: Comparative Market Analysis

Benchmark against market standards

Step 5: Applying Valuation Methods

Determine appropriate valuation methodology

Step 6: Consider Growth Potential

Evaluate future earning potential

Step 7: Present Our Findings

Present the information you need to make informed decisions

Step 8: Revise & Finalize

Incorporate your feedback and adjustments

We use an easy to understand pricing model.

Our fee structure for valuation services is clear and straightforward. A one-time fee covers the complete assessment needed to determine your agency's value for a potential sale, giving founders crucial insights to inform their strategic decisions and effectively maximize value.

  • Less than $1M in annual revenue: $5,000
  • Less than $10M in annual revenue: $10,000
  • More than $10M in annual revenue: $15,000

Don’t go at this alone. Use our resources. Get inspired by our easy to understand valuation guides and then let’s tackle this together.

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We blend the numbers and the unique stories behind them

By combining thorough financial analysis with a comprehensive exploration of the stories that define an agency’s essence, we offer you a richer, more detailed perspective. Understand not just what a business is worth on paper, but the real, intrinsic value that its history, team, culture, and vision add to the equation.

Some Merge Lovin’ 💛

The Merge team was great to work with throughout our search and acquisition process. From start to finish, they were very responsive and kept the process moving along nicely. I’ve only had positive interactions with the team to date with both our acquisition of SketchDeck and other opportunities that we have shown interest in.

Tyler Zara, SVP @ 24Seven, A Morgan Stanley Company

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the Merge team to close the transaction. From start to finish I had a personalized experience and appreciated their ability to navigate the due diligence process and manage expectations for both parties. The team was organized, communicative and proactive in keeping up momentum and pushing the deal across the finish line.

Nick Fraunfelder, Founder & Managing Partner @ AJAX

This was not the first time we transacted with a Merge-listed company, but one thing remained consistent: the Merge team takes time to understand the people behind the transaction. In addition to managing a smooth process, they focused on developing a partnership between buyer and seller – that alignment was critical to the deal.

Mathew Landon, Managing Partner @ Contour Ridge

Using Merge during our acquisitions of The Boston Group was a game-changer. Their approach and experience working with agencies streamlined the process, making it significantly more efficient and effective. The insights and analytics provided by Merge enabled us to make well-informed decisions quickly while ensuring we fully understood the value and risks involved.

Matt Naffah, Partner & COO @ Isovera




The multiples can vary widely depending on the agency’s size, growth rate, client diversity, and specialization. Typically, we see multiples ranging from 4x to 8x EBITDA for marketing agencies, with premium values for agencies showing strong growth trajectories and proprietary technologies or methodologies.

We adjust the multiples based on several factors, including the agency’s market position, the stability of its client base, the scalability of its services, and its operational efficiencies. Agencies with a strong digital offering, recurring revenue models, and a diversified client portfolio often warrant higher multiples.

Our specialization allows us to deeply understand the nuances of the marketing services sector, including current trends, valuation drivers, and key performance indicators specific to this industry. This focus ensures we provide our clients with unparalleled expertise and market insights, leading to more successful transactions.

We have extensive experience in the marketing services sector, having conducted valuations and facilitated transactions for a wide range of agencies, from boutique creative firms to large-scale digital marketing companies. Our team is well-versed in the unique dynamics and trends of this industry.

Our valuation approach combines industry-standard methodologies with a deep understanding of the marketing services market. We typically use a blend of income, market, and asset-based approaches, adjusted for the specific characteristics and competitive advantages of the agency in question.

We consider a variety of factors, including but not limited to financial performance, client base diversity, service offering uniqueness, market position, digital capabilities, and the talent of the team. We also evaluate future growth potential and any proprietary technology or processes.

Absolutely. We understand that each buyer and each target agency is unique. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific objectives and concerns, tailoring our valuation process to provide the insights and information most relevant to their decision-making process.

Our valuations are based on rigorous analysis, comprehensive market research, and a deep dive into the financials of the agency. We cross-verify information through multiple sources and leverage our industry expertise to ensure our valuations are both accurate and reflective of current market conditions.

Our fees are structured to align with the scope and complexity of the valuation engagement. Typically, we operate on a fixed fee or a time-and-materials basis, ensuring transparency and predictability for our clients. We can provide a detailed proposal based on a preliminary assessment of your needs.

The timeline can vary depending on the complexity of the agency being valued and the depth of analysis required. On average, a comprehensive valuation process can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. We strive to work efficiently while ensuring thoroughness and accuracy.

We will require access to detailed financial statements, client contracts, employee information, details of any proprietary technologies or processes, and strategic plans. A more detailed list can be provided as we tailor our engagement to your specific requirements.

Confidentiality is paramount in our operations. We implement strict confidentiality agreements and protocols to ensure that all sensitive information shared with us is protected throughout the valuation process.

After delivering our valuation report, we remain available to discuss our findings in detail, provide further analysis if needed, and assist with the negotiation process. Our goal is to ensure you are fully equipped to make informed decisions regarding the acquisition.