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We are disruptors in a mundane industry, transforming the conventional with our innovative approach.

Our team is relentlessly dedicated to refining the acquisition process, guaranteeing it is not just efficient but also exceptionally supportive and customized to fit your distinctive path. Our goal is to challenge the norm, discover the extraordinary, and inject our distinctive flair into the typically unexciting realm of agency mergers and acquisitions.

We like to sellagencies that have:

Sustainable Margins

Above 15%

Healthy profit

From $500K to $5M

Successful operations

Of three years or longer

A positive and ethical approach

No sketchy stuff

And bonus points foragencies that have:

A simple business model

You can explain it to your parents

A unique advantage

Like service offering or niche

A high-quality team

A great team with a positive culture

Solid transition plan

Of 90 days or longer

We work with founders who decide to sell their agency for the following reasons:

Market Timing

The founder sees an optimal market window where agencies like theirs are highly valued, choosing to sell at a market peak to maximize the return on their hard work and investment.

Industry Changes

Rapid advancements in AI or consumer behavior may prompt a founder to sell if they feel their agency may not quickly adapt to these new trends while maintaining competitiveness.

Partnership Dynamics

Co-founders or key stakeholders may want different futures or have differing visions for the agency’s creative direction or strategic focus, leading to a decision to sell as a means to resolve these fundamental disagreements.

Personal Burnout

After years of high-stress pitches, client management, and the fast-paced nature of agency work, a founder might choose to sell to avoid burnout and its potential negative impacts on the agency’s performance and culture.

Risk Management

Anticipating future industry downturns, client shifts, or other risks that could devalue the agency, a founder may decide to sell while the agency is still strong.

Desire for Change

Founders who have spent years building their agency might long for new horizons, selling their current agency to free up resources and energy to pursue new, innovative projects in the advertising or creative space.

Capitalizing On A Unique Opportunity

An unexpected but highly favorable offer from a larger agency or a company looking to expand its marketing capabilities might prompt a sale, especially if it promises strategic advantages or growth opportunities for the agency’s team and clients.

Managing Life Changes

Personal circumstances such as health issues, family commitments, or a desire for a lifestyle change motivate the founder to sell the agency.

Consolidation Trends in the Agency Sector

Recognizing the trend towards consolidation in the marketing and advertising industry, a founder may decide that joining a larger conglomerate is the best move for their agency to access larger clients, more resources, and new markets, ensuring continued growth and relevance in a competitive landscape.

We demystify M&A and simplify the process for agency founders.

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Our journey together begins with a confidential consultation to discuss your selling goals, timeline, and any particular needs or concerns. This meeting is crucial for crafting a customized strategy that aligns with your specific objectives.

Step 2: Valuation

We conduct a comprehensive valuation of your marketing agency, employing both industry-standard and innovative methodologies. This dual approach ensures your agency’s financial performance and unique attributes are accurately represented in its valuation.

Step 3: Market Positioning

Our team meticulously crafts your agency’s market positioning, emphasizing its unique selling points to attract the ideal buyers. Through strategic marketing, we ensure your agency shines in the competitive landscape, all while upholding the utmost confidentiality.

Step 4: Preparation of Marketing Materials

We create compelling marketing materials that highlight the key aspects of your agency, designed to resonate with potential buyers. This includes detailed information packets, executive summaries, and other collateral that showcase your agency’s value proposition.

Step 5: Buyer Identification and Screening

Leveraging our extensive network, we identify prospective buyers who are not only interested but are also a strategic fit for your agency. Our rigorous screening process ensures that only financially capable and serious buyers proceed.

Step 6: Presentations and Meetings

We facilitate presentations and meetings between you and potential buyers, ensuring a smooth and productive exchange of information. This step is crucial for finding a buyer whose vision aligns with the future you imagine for your agency.

Step 7: Negotiations and Offers

Our seasoned negotiators work on your behalf to secure the best possible terms. We guide you through each offer, providing clarity and advice to help you make informed decisions that align with your goals.

Step 8: Due Diligence

During the due diligence phase, we ensure a seamless information exchange between you and the buyer, addressing any concerns swiftly to maintain momentum towards closing.

Step 9: Closing and Transition

The closing marks the culmination of our shared journey. We manage the finalization of sale documents and the transfer of ownership, ensuring a smooth transition that honors your agency’s legacy and its future potential.

Our fee structure is easy to understand and aligns incentives throughout the process.

During the engagement as our team works to match you with the perfect buyer, you pay a monthly retainer ranging from $5,000 - $20,000 depending on the size of your agency. When your deal closes, you pay a success fee that is 10% of the cash consideration you recieve on closing day! Seem simple? It is!

Don’t go at this alone. Use our resources. Get inspired by our easy to understand acquisition guides and then let’s tackle this together.

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Some Merge Lovin’ 💛

Selling our business was a complex process, and choosing the right acquisition broker was crucial. Fortunately, we partnered with Merge, and it proved to be an excellent decision. From the initial consultation, the Merge team was incredibly responsive. They were always available to answer our questions and address our concerns, no matter how big or small. This responsiveness provided us with much-needed peace of mind throughout the process. Merge's expertise in acquisitions was evident from the start. They developed a comprehensive and strategic plan to attract potential buyers, maximizing the value of our business. Throughout the entire process, Merge had our best interests at heart. They kept us informed every step of the way, explaining complex situations clearly and ensuring we were comfortable with every decision. They genuinely cared about our success and went above and beyond to achieve our goals. Without reservation, we highly recommend Merge to anyone considering selling their business.

Michelle Gerster, Co-Founder & COO @ Joybyte

When we decided to sell our agency, we initially started down the traditional path of securing an individual broker to connect us with prospective buyers. Our choices were limited. Then we discovered Merge and realized how antiquated traditional practices had become. We loved the accelerated process and the idea of listing our agency to a large network of pre-qualified buyers, much like you would a home on the MLS. The big surprise at Merge was the team assigned to us. They were personable, intelligent, and driven. They sought to understand our priorities with unparalleled care and commitment, having our backs at every step of our successful journey. One year later, we still maintain contact with Cally Carbone and Molly McCartan, whom we consider treasured friends. Hi-tech AND hi-touch. You don’t find that very often. Whether buying or selling, Merge brings incredible value to the process.

Karen Wicker and Jim Kessler, Founders @ Candor PR

Merge was a pleasure to work with throughout the sale of my business. The level of service that was shown was quite unexpected, from their experience specifically in digital marketing agencies through to the speed and diligence that they worked made the whole process memorable. By far the most outstanding element to Merge's work is the people. Never have I felt so supported and that the team I worked with actually cared not only about the deal, but how I was feeling throughout the whole process. I was shown guidance through the due diligence process and options were discussed and presented, not directed. The phone calls I received from the team just to check in to see how I was feeling and handling the process made all the difference. I can imagine how difficult, confusing and lonely a sale could be, but I truly felt like I was part of a team and they had my back.

Brett Sirianni, Founder @ Social Supply Co.




We specialize in selling a broad range of marketing agencies, including digital, creative, SEO, and content marketing agencies.

Our valuation process includes analyzing financial records, market position, client base, and other qualitative factors like brand value and intellectual property.

Absolutely, confidentiality is paramount in the process of selling an agency. A discreet approach ensures that your business operations continue smoothly without disruption, your employees remain focused, and your clients retain their confidence in your services. To safeguard confidentiality, a strategic plan will be implemented, involving nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) for potential buyers and sharing sensitive information only with those who have a serious interest and have agreed to confidentiality terms. This careful and considered approach enables us to seek out and negotiate with potential buyers while maintaining the utmost discretion throughout the sale process.

We use a combination of our extensive industry network, targeted marketing efforts, and proprietary databases to identify potential buyers.

We can provide a valuation and strategic advice to help you prepare your agency for a future sale, maximizing its value when you’re ready.

Our fee structure is easy to understand and aligns incentives throughout the process. During the engagement as our team works to match you with the perfect buyer, you pay a monthly retainer ranging from $5,000 – $20,000 depending on the size of your agency. When your deal closes, you pay a success fee that is 10% of the cash consideration you recieve on closing day! Seem simple? It is!

While timelines vary, we aim to complete sales within 6 months, balancing efficiency with achieving optimal value.

We recommend focusing on financial performance, client diversification, and streamlining operations to enhance your agency’s attractiveness to buyers.

Your involvement is crucial in the early stages, especially during the valuation and marketing material preparation. However, we aim to handle most of the heavy lifting, keeping you informed at every step.

Post-sale, we can advise on transition strategies and, if desired, how to reinvest your proceeds or explore new ventures.