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For nearly a decade, we’ve played matchmaker betweenandof the world’s most innovative businesses in the industry.

We're not just navigating the world of agency M&A – we're rewriting the rulebook.

Dissatisfied with the antiquated norms of traditional agency M&A, we took matters into our own hands and also decided to shake things up. Now, we're thrilled to lead the charge in redefining what's possible.

Since 2015, we’ve guided over 250 agencies through acquisitions.

In the dynamic realm of agency M&A, experience isn't just a bonus—it's the key ingredient that empowers buyers and sellers to navigate the intricate process with assurance and also achieve their goals.

Our approach to M&A is unique, just like our team.

Picture us as your seasoned guides through the wild terrain of agency M&A. We've been around the block and know all the ins and also outs of the industry. Whether it's navigating through tricky negotiations or understanding the nuances of agency valuations, we're here to make the journey as smooth as possible for you.

No matter where you are in your transaction journey, we’re here to help.

Whether you're selling the agency you've built from the ground up or buying one to grow your market presence, we're here to support you every step of the way.

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We give agency founders unmatched real-world agency expertise, access to the world’s largest pool of eager buyers, and alaso distinctively effective marketing strategy to sell their agency.

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We’re experts in partnering with buyers seeking strategic acquisitions in the marketing industry, and also leveraging our exclusive focus and industry know-how to align opportunities with their objectives seamlessly.

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We provide buyers with a diverse range of flexible funding options tailored to suit their unique needs and goals also, turning their acquisition aspirations into tangible realities.


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  • Scott Brandon
    Owner & CEO
    The Brandon Agency
    The Joybyte acquisition was the second transaction that came through Merge. In both cases the sellers were very well prepared as we entered due diligence. The Barney team kept the process moving and made sure that all parties hit important deadlines so that nothing slowed down the process. Both closing occurred on time with little to not adjustments or surprises. It is a pleasure doing business with the Merge team.
  • Michelle Gerster
    Co-Founder & COO
    Selling our business was a complex process, and choosing the right acquisition broker was crucial. Fortunately, we partnered with Merge, and it proved to be an excellent decision. From the initial consultation, the Merge team was incredibly responsive. They were always available to answer our questions and address our concerns, no matter how big or small. This responsiveness provided us with much-needed peace of mind throughout the process.
  • Tyler Zara
    Senior Vice President
    Morgan Stanley
    The Merge team was great to work with throughout our search and acquisition process. From start to finish, they were very responsive and kept the process moving along nicely. I’ve only had positive interactions with the team to date with both our acquisition of SketchDeck and other opportunities that we have shown interest in.
  • Karen Wicker
    Candor PR
    The big surprise at Merge was the team assigned to us. They were personable, intelligent, and driven. They sought to understand our priorities with unparalleled care and commitment, having our backs at every step of our successful journey. One year later, we still maintain contact with Cally Carbone and Molly McCartan, whom we consider treasured friends. Hi-tech AND hi-touch. You don’t find that very often. Whether buying or selling, Merge brings incredible value to the process.
  • Nick Fraunfelder
    Founder & Managing Partner
    I thoroughly enjoyed working with the Merge team to close the transaction. From start to finish I had a personalized experience and appreciated their ability to navigate the due diligence process and manage expectations for both parties. The team was organized, communicative and proactive in keeping up momentum and pushing the deal across the finish line.
  • Mathew Landon
    Managing Partner
    Contour Ridge
    This was not the first time we transacted with a Merge-listed company, but one thing remained consistent: the Merge team takes time to understand the people behind the transaction. In addition to managing a smooth process, they focused on developing a partnership between buyer and seller – that alignment was critical to the deal.
  • Matt Naffah
    Partner & COO
    Using Merge during our acquisitions of The Boston Group was a game-changer. Their approach and experience working with agencies streamlined the process, making it significantly more efficient and effective. The insights and analytics provided by Merge enabled us to make well-informed decisions quickly while ensuring we fully understood the value and risks involved.
  • Jim Kessler
    Candor PR
    When we decided to sell our agency, we initially started down the traditional path of securing an individual broker to connect us with prospective buyers. Our choices were limited. Then we discovered Merge and realized how antiquated traditional practices had become. We loved the accelerated process and the idea of listing our agency to a larger network of pre-qualified buyers, much like you would a home on the MLS.
  • Brett Sirianni
    Social Supply Co.
    By far the most outstanding element to Merge's work is the people. Never have I felt so supported and that the team I worked with actually cared not only about the deal, but how I was feeling throughout the whole process. I was shown guidance through the due diligence process and options were discussed and presented, not directed. The phone calls I received from the team just to check in to see how I was feeling and handling the process made all the difference.
  • James Schiefer
    Founder & CEO
    Merge was a fantastic group to work with. I had the pleasure of working on the buy and sell side with them. They were spot on in terms of valuation for my business and did what they said they would when they said they would. I love their data driven approach as well as the digital ecosystem to manage the process from beginning to end. Beyond that, they are just great humans that make a potentially stressful process much more enjoyable.


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