Founded in 2006 by Bob Samii, InMotion Real Estate Media is a specialized digital marketing and creative agency that caters exclusively to the commercial real estate sector. Known for its expertise in web design, development, and digital marketing, InMotion has established itself as a key player in the industry, partnering with top real estate firms across the nation.

Inside the Enterprise: Who Is InMotion Real Estate Media?

InMotion Real Estate Media is renowned for leveraging the latest real estate marketing technologies, has become an indispensable partner for some of the most prominent real estate companies in the United States, significantly enhancing their visibility and driving sales through its hyper-specialized services. This introduction sets the stage to explore InMotion’s journey, from its inception to becoming a coveted partner in the commercial real estate industry.

Founder’s Motive: The Why Behind the Sale

While successfully managing InMotion Real Estate Media, Bob Samii was also deeply involved as the CEO of a fast-growing SaaS company. This dual responsibility led him to seek a buyer for InMotion who would not only offer a fair deal but also ensure the continued growth of the business and care for his team, preserving the company’s culture and values.

Founder’s Vision: Criteria for the Perfect Acquisition Fit

Bob’s primary goal was to find a buyer aligned with InMotion’s vision, one who would understand the specific marketing needs of the real estate industry and continue to provide innovative solutions to its clientele, while maintaining the agency’s esteemed reputation and client relationships.

Setting the Stage: Preparing InMotion Real Estate Media for Acquisition

Merge worked closely with Bob to comprehensively analyze InMotion’s financials, operations, and market position, thereby highlighting its strengths and potential in the commercial real estate marketing domain.

Attracting Suitors: Strategic Marketing of InMotion Real Estate Media for Acquisition

Merge developed an extensive marketing presentation to accurately represent InMotion’s unique value proposition, attracting prospective buyers that aligned with the agency’s specialized focus and Bob’s vision for its future.

Sealing the Deal: Perfect Matchmaking with the Ideal Buyer

After meticulous negotiations, Merge facilitated the sale of InMotion to Hudson Fusion, a full-service digital marketing agency known for its creative solutions and results-driven approach, ensuring a strategic and cultural fit.

Unlocking Synergies: Positive Impacts Post-Transaction

The acquisition allowed InMotion Real Estate Media to expand its service offerings and client base, while Hudson Fusion strengthened its market position and increased its revenue. Together, they were able to provide a broader range of services to their real estate clients, deepening and enriching their business relationships.

Finding a New Home: The Merge Difference

Merge’s expertise in the M&A process was instrumental in this acquisition, aligning InMotion Real Estate Media with a partner that matched its strategic goals and cultural ethos, thus ensuring a successful and beneficial union for both agencies.