Founded in 2012 by Ryan Wilson, FiveFifty stands out as a Denver-based programmatic advertising firm specializing in digital media buying. With a deep focus on data, addressable media, and analytics, FiveFifty has carved out a niche in the travel & tourism sector, providing high-quality results through its unique service offerings. The agency boasts a seasoned team, impressive client retention rates, and has developed lasting relationships with clients like Boyne Resorts and Travel Alaska, making it a standout firm in the programmatic advertising space.

Inside the Enterprise: Who Is FiveFifty?

FiveFifty distinguishes itself in the digital advertising landscape with its specialized expertise in programmatic media buying and analytics, particularly excelling in the travel and tourism industry. Their approach combines cutting-edge data analysis with targeted, addressable media strategies, enabling them to deliver unparalleled results for clients seeking to influence and reach their audience more effectively. With a unique blend of seasoned talent and innovative technologies, FiveFifty offers a full-service funnel strategy that consistently enhances client performance across various digital platforms.

Founder’s Motive: The Why Behind the Sale

Ryan Wilson, after nurturing FiveFifty’s growth for almost a decade, was ready to embark on a new journey in incubating e-commerce brands. He sought an acquirer who could continue to build on FiveFifty’s strong foundation, providing the agency with the necessary resources for expansion and ensuring its long-term sustainable growth.

Founder’s Vision: Criteria for the Perfect Acquisition Fit

Ryan’s goal was to find a buyer who not only aligned with FiveFifty’s culture but also had the capability to take the agency to new heights. He envisioned a partner who could integrate FiveFifty into their existing operations while respecting the agency’s unique culture and values, ensuring a seamless transition for the team and continued success for the agency.

Setting the Stage: Preparing FiveFifty for Acquisition

FiveFifty’s unique position in the media buying space, backed by robust data science and a strong culture, has led them to win several awards and secure long-term client relationships. With a focus on mid-market travel and tourism clients, the agency has consistently achieved big results, leading to a stable revenue base and potential for further growth.

Attracting Suitors: Strategic Marketing of FiveFifty for Acquisition

In collaboration with Merge, Ryan sought to find the perfect acquirer for FiveFifty. Merge’s expertise in agency acquisitions and its vast network of qualified buyers were leveraged to highlight FiveFifty’s specialization in media buying and its potential for growth in the dynamic and evolving digital landscape.

Sealing the Deal: Perfect Matchmaking with the Ideal Buyer

The perfect fit for FiveFifty was found in Booyah Advertising, a Denver-based digital marketing agency with a strong focus on performance and people. This partnership promised to leverage each agency’s strengths in media buying and planning, while also expanding deeper into the travel and tourism industry.

Unlocking Synergies: Positive Impacts Post-Transaction

The acquisition by Booyah Advertising opened new opportunities for FiveFifty, allowing them to expand their service offerings and tap into a larger client base. This strategic alignment was set to enhance both agencies’ market positions and service offerings, fostering collective growth and success.

Finding a New Home: The Merge Difference

Merge played a critical role in this acquisition, ensuring that FiveFifty found a new home where its unique culture and potential for growth would be fully realized. Their strategic approach and tailored acquisition process reflected their commitment to facilitating successful, synergistic business matches in the digital marketing industry.