Established in 2012, Beacons Point is a Hubspot Platinum inbound marketing agency based in Southern California. Beacons Point stands out for its expertise in propelling B2B businesses to new heights.

Inside the Enterprise: Who Is Beacons Point?

Beacons Point has become the go-to partner for B2B businesses seeking growth through connection, relationships, and trust. Specializing in content marketing, HubSpot consulting, and video production, the agency has established itself as a key player in creating growth through strategic and creative marketing solutions.

Founder’s Motive: The Why Behind the Sale

The three co-founders of Beacons Point, Ross Nelson, Brian Serocke, and Alex Meade, after a decade of nurturing and growing the agency, were ready to explore new professional avenues. Seeking to leverage their individual talents in senior leadership roles, they envisioned a future where they could transition away from ownership responsibilities while ensuring the agency’s continued growth and success.

Founder’s Vision: Criteria for the Perfect Acquisition Fit

The co-founders sought a buyer who could unlock Beacons Point’s full potential, offering growth opportunities for their skilled team. Their goal was to find a partner aligned with the agency’s values and capable of providing resources and pathways for team development and agency expansion.

Setting the Stage: Preparing Beacons Point for Acquisition

In collaboration with Merge, the co-founders prepared Beacons Point for sale. Their focus was on highlighting the agency’s strengths, including its proven processes, high client retention rates, and stellar reviews, to attract the right buyer.

Attracting Suitors: Strategic Marketing of Beacons Point for Acquisition

Merge’s expertise was pivotal in strategically marketing Beacons Point, drawing in potential buyers who could appreciate the unique value proposition of the agency and align with its culture and vision.

Sealing the Deal: Perfect Matchmaking with the Ideal Buyer

The ideal match for Beacons Point was found in 120over80, a Chicago-based digital marketing agency. Sharing synergies in culture, values, and client focus, both agencies were committed to impactful client service, making this union a strategic fit.

Unlocking Synergies: Positive Impacts Post-Transaction

The merger of Beacons Point and 120over80 led to the creation of Behind the Work, a new agency with a diverse range of expertise, uniquely positioned to serve clients with enhanced capabilities. This synergy unlocked new growth avenues for the team and the combined agency.

Finding a New Home: The Merge Difference

Merge played a crucial role in facilitating this successful acquisition, ensuring that the merger not only aligned with financial and strategic goals but also fostered a culture where the combined strengths of both agencies could flourish, paving the way for a promising future for Behind the Work.